Export and import of goods

Exports in the word means the transfer of goods or the sending and sending of goods from somewhere else, whether inside or outside the country. Exporting and importing goods in this set is the export of goods in the boundary market of definitive export of goods and the purpose of export of goods from the country (customs territory). Importing or importing goods into a customs territory is called the import, called the Importation in the Latin term. Imported goods are imported into the customs territory, as it was said. Therefore, imports in the political realm, such as free trade zones, will not be subject to this. It is done in different ways, which means importing in the border markets is definitive import and it does not include temporary admission, repossessed goods, etc. In other words, importing or bringing any kind of goods into the territory of the customs is, in other words, the act of importing any kind of goods into the customs territory of the import.