About US

Trading Co., Habib Osuli Shojaee with more than 10 years of experience and with a business card and official customs broker of Iran, has active dealers in the Aras-Istanbul-Tehran-Tabriz-Bandar Abbas Free Zone is proud in the field of clearance, Importing and exporting, ordering goods, setting tariffs and values ​​- obtaining standards and permits, free advice and all customs and transportation services are at your service to merchants of businessmen and colleagues.
The International Shipping Company, Yeni Yular Logistics, based in Ata, Istanbul, with the management of Habib Osuli Shojaei, and the main goal of buying and shipping international road freight to Europe and Asia, are ready to provide services to businessmen. High quality and secure services, the use of advanced technology, help us achieve the internationally pioneering goal.
The International Shipping Company of Iran’s New Trading Line in 1394, with the license number 51323/11 from the Road and Road Administration, was awarded by a number of senior executives and experts in the field of transportation of goods and Trading, with the slogan of change and innovation in the transportation of goods, with the prospect of development and creation of a large international transportation holding and satisfaction of customers, administrative staff and shareholders in the city of Tehran has been registered.
The competitive advantage is the value that a company can provide to its customers, and includes a set of factors or capabilities that always enables the company to demonstrate performance better than its competitors.

  1. Specialist staff (All staff of graduate students from the universities of the country with a master’s degree, appropriate legal advisers in customs law, day-to-day mastering of circulars and business processes, initial commission – new opinion
  2. Represents in most parts of Iran and cities of Istanbul Turkey, Baku Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, Guangzhou China, Dubai Emirates, Kirkuk Iraq, Moscow Russia, Kazakhstan Octave, Seoul and Pusan ​​South Korea
  3. Having domestic transport fleet as carrier and proper use of the capacities of the Turkish fleet
  4. Competitive advantages to reduce the cost of clearance in districts and deprived areas and the use of exemptions
  5. There are special storage and refrigerated warehouses in the Free Zone of Aras and in the customs area